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You wish to get quickly Loto Excel Universal Lite or Pro? No problem! For your convenience and protection, we provide a secure online registration method with PayPal (secured purchase server). The payments are guaranteed (128 bits coding) and can be made in most of the currencies using most of the credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express...). Once the order is proceeded, you will receive an e-mail containing your registration code (in less than 24 hours and generally in the 5 hours following your purchase!!) that will eliminate the 30-day trial clock, entitle you to free product updates and gain access to the registered-only-features.
Loto Excel Universal is the perfect software as it gives you reports on combinations of more than 6 numbers, which is essential for players of multiple play.

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Loto Excel Universal
Pro Version

Discount Price: $89.99     Regular Price: $99.99

Loto Excel Universal
Lite Version

Discount Price: $44.99     Regular Price: $49.99

Price List

Loto Excel Universal Lite version (
Regular registration fee: USD $49.99
July PayPal Discount registration fee: USD $44.99

Loto Excel Universal Pro version (
Regular registration fee: USD $99.99
July PayPal Discount registration fee: USD $89.99 


You have no access to current draws of your lottery (up to the end of year 2000 only).
You can not make an update of draws since the software. 
You have no access to the advanced chart options in the "Chart" tab. 
You can not print the statistics or analyses. 
The save options are reduced.
You can not calculate all the possible combinations.


You are only interested to calculate combinations going from 2 numbers to 6 numbers and you want to have all the functions of the software at a less expensive price, choose the lite version:

Purchase Loto Excel Universal Lite now (for USD $44.99 ) and get :

A registration code emailed to you. ("LotoeXcl.ini" file)
The complete databases of draws since the beginning of the lotto
of your choice in the software !
BONUS: For the foreseeable future, all upgrades of Loto Excel Universal v1.x will be FREE to registered users (ATTENTION: versions 1.x only!). For example, if you register for the version 1.0, you benefit automatically of all the updates 1.x to come. For it, you will have to download the update and install it at the place of the previous version. We will send you by e-mail your new license of use.
You will also gain access to Loto Excel Universal Lite Version features :
    --> All the draws since the beginning of the chosen lotto.
    --> You can update your database of draws manually in the software.
    --> You have the choice between 4 elaborated graphic modes of visual
    representation of numbers in the space, this for the chart of Statistics in the
    "Chart" tab.
    --> You can print analyses as well as statistics.
    --> You can save any type of combinations lists (BONUS : and even export
    them in softwares like Excel, Word and many others ) as well as statistics
    (4 file formats available), and also analyses ( 2 file formats available).
    --> You can calculate combinations going from 2 to 6 numbers only
    (it's the only limitation : in the Pro Version, you will be able to calculate
    combinations going from 2 to 10 numbers !)

You want to unleash the full potential of the software ? Choose the pro version:
(You have already bought the lite license and wish to switch to pro version ?
Obtain, at any time, the pro version of Loto Excel Universal by purchasing a second lite license !)

Purchase Loto Excel Universal Pro now (for USD $89.99 ) and get :

Exactly the same features as the Lite Version...
PLUS: the ability to calculate all the possible combinations going from
2 to 10 numbers ! This full potential version is specially made for users who want an access to unique information on lotteries. Thanks to its powerful search engine, Loto Excel Universal Pro is the only software that offers you statistics on combinations going from 7 to 10 numbers! (fundamental function for decicions in multiple play).

If you have questions about sales and distribution of Loto Excel Universal, the answers are available by e-mail to sales@lotoexcel.com


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